3 Xmas Gift Ideas For Your DIY Friend

3 Xmas Gift Ideas For Your DIY Friend

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Struggling to find a gift for your favourite DIYer? Here are three gift ideas that will keep them occupied over the Summer time.

  1. Monsta Accessories Kit

Does your special friend love to paint? The Monsta accessories kit would be perfect for them. Coming with all the essential paint tools to make their next paint job as smooth as possible.

  1. Magnetic + Write Paint

The Magnetic and Write paint kit is the perfect DIY project to start over the holiday break. Being able to turn any wall in your house into a whiteboard, this is a perfect gift for those who love to have a bit of fun.

  1. Naked Sealer

Naked is our sealer range that protects surfaces from water and liquids without changing the surface appearance. This little DIY gift would be great for around the home!