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10 year guarantee. Colours by anyone... Interior and Exterior Paint by Monsta.

Select brand. Select colour. Monsta matches.

Monsta Match is our paint colour matching service. If you want a particular white, beige, grey or neutral colour from any brand, we’ll make it for you. Our colour matching technology allows us to give you the exact colour - guaranteed or your money back. And you save loads because you pay Fair Price and get it delivered for free.

We cover hundreds of whites, beiges, creams, greys or neutrals. Darker colours are coming soon.

What you Get with Monsta Match.

Colour matching + Premium Paint + Free Delivery

How to Monsta Match…

So easy you’ll never leave home to buy paint again.

Do the Monsta Match!

The easiest way to get the paint colour you want at Fair Price plus get it delivered for free.

1. Get your colour cards

Go to your local hardware store, select the colour cards you like from any brand. Then make your way home and put the kettle on. It gets easier from here.

2. Select colours

Place the colour cards up on your walls and in different light (strobe lights and disco balls not recommended) pick which colours you prefer most. Next, we do the Monsta Match.

3. Back to Monsta

We said Monsta Match is simple – select brand, colours, sizes and it’s delivered. Or if you prefer, call the Monsta Crew on 1800 666 782 and we’ll take care of it for you. We’ve Got Your Back.

4. Buy Interior and Exterior

Monsta has everything you need, interior and exterior paint – for your reno, house flip, or forever home - matched to any white or neutral you want. We also make Ceiling White and Prep Seal. Every Monsta Paint comes with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, bathroom and kitchen grade, super hiding power, easy clean – at no extra charge!

FAQs that we wrote, but we think you were thinking…

What is colour matching?

Paint companies, like us, add a colour ‘tint’ to a white base to make it a new colour. If you know the tint you can match the colour. Monsta has a software library that can match the colours from all the main brands, just like a typical paint shop. We just make it easier for you and at Fair Price!

But I like Dulux, Taubmans, British Paints, Wattyl better…

Really? Monsta provides - Fair Price; free delivery; awesome quality; help available when you want it; 10 Year Guarantee; saves you money and time.

Right so you manufacture the paint?

You bet! It’s an awesome paint of superior quality and comes with features that only the top brands have included in their premium paint (along with the premium price!). Buy Monsta Paint and you get premium, superior paint at Fair Price.

Why don’t you just make your own white gallery instead of borrowing other company’s whites.

Very good FAQ question… We have the Monsta 20 Whites, but that’s a whole different colour story.

Monsta's Guarantee

Whenever you see this symbol, you’re covered by a 10 year guarantee. Monsta Quality is designed to last.

Our paint products are guaranteed for 10 years, and we’re so serious about our guarantee, if after 3,652 days (10 years including the 2 leap years) the product isn’t performing as intended we’ll replace the product free of charge or give your money back. You can read more in our Guarantee section.