What is Monsta Go-To?

Monsta Go-To is peace of mind when you are building, renovating, extending or looking to dabble in some DIY projects around the home.Monsta Go -To will provide you with guidance, information and a plan for your project and guide you to reach the end of your project getting what you want, in the time frame you want it and hopefully having enjoyed your project experience.

What is a Pro?

The Monsta Pro is an experienced individual in their field of work. Most of our Pro’s have had greater than 10 years’ experience in the field and in some cases over 20 years, dependent on the trade, this can give you peace of mind you are talking to someone who has more than likely seen it, lived it or been there already.

How does Monsta Go-To work?

Monsta Go-To has a number of various services offering everything from reviewing a builders contract and reviewing plans and quotes to guiding you with tradies skills and the scheduling to finish on time of your build/reno/extension/project.

Monsta Go-To offers once off services or a Pro Session who can give you advice at any stage of your build or try the Pro Subscription for your big project to guide you from start to finish with your build.

Is the Pro session a good option for a DIYer

Yes!. It does depend on what type of project you are looking to engage with, if you are ready to take on an extension/ room reno or maybe a few room reno’s the Pro Session is ideal.

What is the main difference between Pro Session and Pro Subscription?

The Monsta Go-To Pro Subscription is the Rolls Royce of services. The Pro Subscription takes you through every step of your build/reno and will guide, plan, assist, advise and get you to the finish line with everything you wanted your build/reno to be and more. You will have access to a variety of industry professionals at the different stages of your build.

What does access to Pro mean?

Monsta’s parent company Axis Manufacture has been in the building/construction industry for over 30 years over this time we have gained the experience and the contacts within the industry to know what is needed when building/renovating/extending a home.

Monsta has been able to attract a professionals within the building industry who have experience, knowledge and smarts of the building industry and bring them to you via Monsta Go-To.

Can I pause my subscription?

Yes of course. Monsta understands when you are completing a project things can happen or stop and it could mean you may not need to use the subscription for a little while. To pause your subscription please email crew@monstashop.com. You can pause your subscription for up to 6months.

Can I speak with a Monsta Pro outside normal 9-5pm working hours?

No problem. The Monsta Pro’s are available to talk at a time that works best for you, they are flexible, and the Monsta Crew will help work through setting up the best times to talk to the Monsta Pro.

Can I speak with the same Monsta Pro every time?

Monsta Go–To has been diligent in sourcing the right people for the right project/application, this means dependent on your request and time available you may speak to different Monsta Pro each time.

How do I contact a Monsta Pro?

When you book and pay for your Monsta Pro service one of our friendly Monsta Crew will call you to discuss times and dates to talk to Monsta Pro, once the Crew lock in a suitable time, the Monsta Pro will then contact you at the scheduled time.

Do I need a skype account?

Yes, it is an ideal way to maximise your call. Skype allows the Monsta Pro to record the conversation so you can re – listen to the recording as many times as you like when you like, making sure you don’t mis anything throughout your conversation with the Monsta Pro.

I don’t have a skype account? It is simple to setup.

Click https://www.skype.com/en/
Click on Chat Now option – this allows you to have a conversation without signing up
Enter your name
You can now email your link to Monsta Crew and they will forward to Monsta Pro who will join your conversation.
If you want to then sign up you have the option on this page.

To sign up click https://www.skype.com/en/ and go to Sign In, click the drop-down arrow and choose the last option Sign UP.

What happens if I go over my 30 mins time block?

The Monsta Pro understands some conversation may require more time than allocated. Once the Monsta Pro has looked at the information you have supplied and notes from the Monsta Crew on topics of discussion, the Monsta Pro will be able to identify at the start if you will require more than 30mins for the discussion. The Pro will then start by discussing 2 options

1. If you would like to discuss everything you can purchase more time blocks

2. Prioritise the list of discussion with you of what you want to take away for the paid time block

Will the Monsta Pro help me through something not listed on the site?

Sure we can!. If you don’t see the service/application listed on the website, be sure to contact the Monsta Crew at crew@monstashop.com or at 1800 666 782 and the Crew will find a way to help you with your request.

How quickly can I expect to talk to a Monsta Pro?

Monsta Pro aim to speak to you as soon as the time is available. We have a number of Monsta Pro’s to talk to and the Monsta Crew will assist to make sure you are locked into the next available session.