5 Interior Design Tips To Transform Your Home

5 Interior Design Tips To Transform Your Home

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Does your home need a makeover? With nearly 20 years of experience working in Interior Design, Andrea Farrell knows a thing or two about boosting your home morale and how to do it without breaking the bank.

She shares her top tips on how to create your ideal living or working space with a design that reflects YOU and how a few little tweaks can have a huge impact on your final look...

 Interior Design Tips _ Colour Scheme

1/ Colour Scheme

"Start with a neutral palette white/off white walls, natural floor colours. These form a back drop for your furniture and artwork."

interior design tips _ focus piece

2/ Focus Piece

"There are a lot of choices out there for decorating your home. It can be overwhelming. Try starting with an inspiration piece, it could be artwork or a special piece of furniture. This becomes the anchor for the room from which you can build from."

interior design tips _ art

3/ Importance of Space

"Try not to clutter the spaces up with too much visual noise. if you have a lot of artwork you want to display, group them in a collage on a large wall and leave some  blank space between. it gives a focal point to the room and some relief between."

interior design tips _ child art

4/ Love Wins

"Always include those things you love. Your home is a place to lift your spirits and give happiness. Whether its your children's artwork or  something your grandma gave you, if you love it find a space for it."

interior design tips room flow

5/ Flow

"I try to make the home flow from room to room with similar colours that compliment each other, combined with textural elements of rugs and soft furnishings."


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