5 Tips And Tricks When Painting

5 Tips And Tricks When Painting

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About to begin a painting project in your house? Follow these 5 tips and tricks to help make your painting experience much easier and quicker, giving you a better finished product.  

  1. Choose quality equipment

The first tip, that could also be considered the most important is buying good, quality equipment. Buying quality rollers and brushes will not only leave less brush marks, but will give much better coverage. However, if you choose to buy cheap equipment you will often find that little fibres and bristles form brushes drop onto the paint, leaving you with more work.  Another benefit that comes with higher quality equipment is their lifespan. If they are properly looked after, you should not need to replace the brushes and rollers for several years.

  1. Taping

When painting, a good idea is to place tape on the edges between the wall and other surfaces. This is to help prevent paint accidentally dropping onto places it should not. Normal masking tape will do the job, however, painters’ tape is the best tape to use, as it makes it much easier when having to peel the tape off and remove, as it is less sticky.

  1. Wrap your brushes up

When wanting to take a break, instead of cleaning all the paint off your brushes, wrap it up in cling wrap. Ensuring that no air gets in it will preserve the paint, not letting it dry out. This will not only save you time but will not waste as much paint.

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  1. Sanding

When in between coats a good tip, is to lightly sand the surface. This will get rid of any lumps and bumps that have raised from the paint, giving the finished product a smooth finish, after the final coat has been applied.

  1. Sometimes less is best

Although you may think that the more paint you put on your brush, the quicker you can get job done, this is not correct. If the brush or roller is overloaded with paint you will find that the paint has more drips in it, which means the paint will take longer to dry and even out. The other disadvantage of using to much paint is the mess it can make from the excessive splashing, extending the clean up process.


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