4 Indicators You Have Wood Rot

4 Indicators You Have Wood Rot

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Getting on top of your wood rot is extremely important, and these 4 indicators will help you get on top of your wet and dry rot issues early.

1. Damaged Timber

The first key indicator when identifying wood rot is damaged and decaying wood. Not only will the wood be visually damaged, but, but the wood will be spongy and will crumble when come in contact with. This part of the timber will need to be removed when fixing and curing the wood. 

2. Mycelium Growth

In extreme cases rotten wood will begin to grow Mycelium, a grey or white wool like substance. Mycelium is a part of fungus and has the potential to spread through the wood extensively.    

3. Spore Dust

The third indicator that you have wood rot in your home is spore dust. Spore dust is a brown coloured dust that you may find in your home if affected by wood rot. Spotting this is a huge indicator that you have wood rot spreading through your home. 

4. Rotten and Damp Smell

Like most forms of rot, the wood rot with have an unpleasant smell. If you begin to smell this odour in your home it is extremely important to begin looking for the above indicators to ensure you get on top of the wood rot before it is too late. 

Wood rot is an issue that can easily be fixed and looked after, however, if left unattended for too long can cause serious problems in your home.

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