Are You Making Your Home Ugly?

Are You Making Your Home Ugly?

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We all take great pride in house, it is something that represents us and makes us happy. However, there are many little things that you should avoid in order to ensure your house is not 'UGLY'. 

1. Messiness & Clutter

A common that many of us fall victim to is a build up of clutter. Messiness and clutter not only makes your home look ugly and untidy, but can be a bad reflection on yourself. 

2.  Outdated Blinds

In particular vertical blinds. These outdated blinds are no longer stylish, and with so many other options out there, vertical blinds are a big no, no. 

3. Dirty Windows

An easy way to make sure your home is much more attractive is by making sure your windows are always clean. Not only does this look much nicer, but gives you the ability to properly have a look out your window to see the beautiful weather or look at your new veggie patch.

4. Lampshades

Although we have no problem with lampshades, the ugly ones we do. Ensure that lampshades you own look nice and match the style of your house. 

5. Dirty/Old Rugs

Rugs can be a great addition to a room, however, when old and dirty can have the opposite affect. Making your home look ugly and uninviting. 

6. Messy Beds

The final thing that makes your home ugly is an unmade bed. Following the common theme of this list, a messy bed can make a big difference in the beauty of your house. 

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