Bringing LIFE Back Into Dead Wood

Bringing LIFE Back Into Dead Wood

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Sick of getting wet and dry wood rot? Sick of having to get rid of this un-treatable wood? Wood rot no longer has to haunt you in your dreams! WoodFix is a revolutionary product, made to kill wet and dry rot and bring life back to dead wood. 

WoodFix is the only 100% natural wood cure in Australia, and is made from clever, nature-based technology. Basically this product can do what no other timber preservative or timber treatment product can do and all in the one pail. So safe to the environment, if WOODFIX treated wood finds its way into landfill in the next hundred years, it has ZERO harmful emissions – greener than The Greens and Kermit rolled into one.

WoodFix has many benefits that help keep your wood and timber healthy:

- Stops wet and dry rot
- Protects against timber insects, including termites, borers, timber beetles and wood fungi
- Works like a rust converter on wood rot, reversing the rot process, putting strength back into timber
- Non flammable
- Safe when in contact with food
- No shelf life
- Can be finished over with stains, oils and paints
- Pairs perfect with Patch It

WoodFix is the perfect product for rotting wood, natural and non-toxic makes this the safest and best wood cure product in Australia.