Building Your Dream Tiny Home

Building Your Dream Tiny Home

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Chief Monsta recently met with Tim Robson, the owner of the beautiful tiny home on our most recent episode of The Reno Q&A Show

Tim, who had taken a fond liking to tiny homes, was able to build his dream tiny home.The home is based on an English design, replicating an upside down boat. In such a unique location in Adelaide (Ironbank), Tim is able to show off the beautiful nature, greenery and at time animals that surround the tiny home. 

Tim now allows people to hire the cute getaway through website, Airbnb. With the current growth in popularity in tiny homes, there is no doubt that the tiny home has been a great investment. Costing Tim a total of roughly $21,000, the tiny home is currently having back to back bookings and has people from all around the world opting to stay in his tiny home, instead of a hotel. 

We hope you have enjoyed Tim's story and will keep everybody updated on his tiny home journey.