Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces

Home Office Ideas For Small Spaces

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Whether you work from home or need an organised desk space to catch up on paperwork, bills or a quiet reading corner, a home office setup is definitely a necessity.

While we all dream about having that extra room designated to setup a library and desk scenario this is not always reality, in particular for apartment living or smaller homes.


So let's get space savvy with a few ideas….


The Closet Office

Everyone has a closet so this is the clever way to use space well.

If you can free up a portion of your closet, install a horizontal plank across to serve as your desk, add some overhead shelves, and install the power outlets needed.


Under the Stairs

What a perfect space for household junk - the go to when we don’t know where to put something and it all lands under the stairs!

This is the perfect space for a home office as it can be private and cosy. Get cracking to find a home for all that other stuff and build in storage shelves and add a small desk and filing cabinet. 


An Old Armoire

For vintage lovers there is a solution here for you too...

Why not incorporate it into your office setup by replacing the interior with a shelving and storage option. 


A Kitchen Nook

The kitchen is generally the hub of the home so a perfect spot for the home office and get everyone involved in the bills and paperwork for the household.

You can use a part of a large pantry, a nook, or a rarely used counter.

Those drawers and power outlets can come in handy. You just need to add doors or shelves as needed.


A hideaway Desk

Want some privacy? The hideaway desk is the most convenient and space-saving option.

You can place and move your desk to anywhere in the house. You can choose the size of your desk according to your needs and the size of your available space.  


These are just a few ideas from the Monsta Go To Pro’s who can help with design, space utilisation and getting more with less.