How To Choose The Right Paint Finish

How To Choose The Right Paint Finish

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Paints come in a variety of finishes and sheen's... but which is right for your home?

Getting this right can make all the difference to the final job as making the wrong call can mean doing the paint job a second time and leaving a hole in your pocket.

Don’t rush into selecting the paint sheen for your job, taking your time to select the sheen is probably more important than the shade of colour you end up going with.

Here are a few tips to selecting the right paint finish:

  • Gloss paint the go to for a shiny durable reflective appearance. Avoid using on interior walls because of the reflective appearance they give.  A high gloss is best suited for architraves, doors, cabinets and trims. If renovating take note that gloss on aged surfaces is like slipping on tight lycra, you can bet it will show every little imperfection! Ensure you prep the surface well otherwise you may reveal more than planned. 
  • Semi-gloss paint still provides great durability and a reflective appearance but not as strong as a full gloss. Popular in wet areas and where there is lots of activity with dirty hands, as semi-gloss paints tend to give the feel of being easy to clean. The reality is all Monsta sheens clean well but semi-gloss is the popular one for bathrooms, kitchens, and trims. 
  • Low Sheen paint – popular on interior and exterior walls, giving a consistent look without the flat look of matt paints. We refer to it as a matt paint on Red Bull. The choice for walls that need to be durable and easy to clean without reflective effects. Avoid on aged stone walls or uneven surfaces to avoid showing up imperfections. A great choice for living areas, bedrooms and hall ways.
  • Matt paint – walls with a secret or something to hide love a matt finish as they spread the light instead of reflecting. Popular with renovators on aged surfaces to help mask slight imperfections or for those wanting a non-smooth finish. Matt finishes are best used for interior rooms and areas where civilised people occupy the space, e.g. avoid areas hosting teenage parties or where little kids go berserk with play and food.        

I’ll finish off with telling you that with most retailers the ‘shinier' the paint the more you pay, like somehow shiny paint costs more to produce. With Monsta we’re proud to ensure our Fair Price rules as all sheens are the same price across each size.

We’ve got your back!

Chief Monsta Phil