How Much Will Your Renovation Cost?

How Much Will Your Renovation Cost?

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When talking about renovation costs there are many different elements that must be considered. Renovations can be very costly, but what are the different components that affect your costs?

Trades people

The price for different trades people varies, however, what we suggest is getting a minimum of 3 quotes from tradies. This will give you the best understanding of what the average price for the specific trade will cost. We also suggest not always choosing the cheapest because of price. Although it may be cheaper, the quality may also be considerably lower. 


The materials you use will determine the price you pay for this component of your renovation. High quality materials will cost more, however, will be worth it in the long run. Cheaper materials, are cheaper quality and may be more expensive in the long run.


Size is a huge factor when determining the price of your renovation. The price will differ greatly when renovating a small apartment in comparison to a four bedroom townhouse. 

Type of Renovation

The type of renovation will also have a huge impact on the cost of your renovation. Bathroom renovation in comparison to kitchen renovations, will not have the same costs. The average costs for these different reno projects are:

Kitchen - $10,000-$45,000

Bathroom - $10,000-$35,000

Bedroom - $2,000-$35,000

Living Room - $10,000-$15,000

Renovations will differ in price drastically depending on the different elements that have been mentioned. Ranging in prices, all components must be considered when budgeting for your next renovation project.

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