How To Repair Wet & Dry Rot with WoodFix

How To Repair Wet & Dry Rot with WoodFix

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Put strength back into your timber with WoodFix - a revolutionary timber treatment that is 100% natural and made from clever nature-based technology.

WoodFix has many different unique features when treating wood some of these are:

Stopping wet and dry rot- When WoodFix is applied to a piece of wood it is able to increase and restore strength to the wood, stopping any future chances of dry and wet rot.

Prevents fungi- A great feature that WoodFix has is the ability to prevent and protect against wood fungi. When WoodFix is applied to the surface it creates an alkali environment that the fungi does not like preventing any fungi from forming and growing. This is because fungi need an acidic environment to survive.

Protects against insects- WoodFix is also capable of protecting against timber insects, such as, termites, borers and timber beetles.    

Non-flammable- WoodFix is also capable of stopping wood from burning when in contact with fire.

As mentioned earlier this product is great as it is made through natural products, emitting no harmful chemicals. What this means is it can be used anywhere, around people who have asthma or respiratory issues due to the eradication of hazardous odours.

Another plus is knowing that if this wood is to ever end up back in land fill you can know for sure that it will not let off any hazardous odours or chemicals, affecting the environment.