How To Bring Life Back Into Your Old Furniture

How To Bring Life Back Into Your Old Furniture

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Sick of seeing that old run down chair in the corner of your home? We all have that one item in our home that is a little worse for wear, but these easy and cost-effective fixes will bring life back into your old furniture. 

Wooden furniture

If you have old wooden furniture laying around your home, the Monsta Colour Wash is an easy and cost-effective way to bring your furniture back to life. The Monsta Colour Wash range provides a soft whitewash effect over surfaces applied to. Unlike traditional paints, the Monsta Colour Wash Series is translucent unlike normal opaque paints. 

Chipped or rotten wood

One of the most common DIY repair jobs we see is fixing rotten and broken wood. Monsta WoodFix and Patch It gives you the ability to kill and prevent all wood rot, and the ability patch and restore the broken wood. 

Children's Room

If you are struggling to find a way to bring your children's room to life, Monsta Write + Magnetic paint is the perfect way to bring life into your child's room. It is also the perfect way to allow your kids to express their creative side. 

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