How To Choose The Right Paint Colour

How To Choose The Right Paint Colour

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About to give your home a well deserved makeover, but struggling to choose a paint colour that will best suit your home? These four tips will help inspire you when choosing paint for your next makeover job. 

Pick your paint last

Although it may seem logical to choose the paint colour you are interested in first, we suggest leaving this till last. Prioritise the furniture and decor you will be using in your chosen room and choose a paint colour that compliments your furniture and decor best. 

Use sample pots

Sample pots are your best friend when choosing colours. Sample pots give you the opportunity to test different colours on your wall, giving you the best idea of which paint colours will work and which will not. Sample pots are a cheap option that can save you lots of time when choosing the best colour for your home.   

Do not be caught out by current trends

A common issue that many DIYers get caught out by, is current trends. Although at the time certain looks may be popular, choosing a timeless look is recommended. Trends often change which could mean changing your paint colour yearly, however, timeless looks such as white (and variations of whites) walls will save you money and time.  

Get inspired 

When looking for colours, websites such as Pinterest and Instagram are great tools to use for inspiration. By looking at different rooms and images on these websites you will be able to get an understanding of which colours you are drawn to most.  

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