How To Choose The Right White Paint

How To Choose The Right White Paint

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With hundreds of shades of white paint on the market, how do you know which white is right for you? What’s the difference between a warm white and a cool white? Will lighting affect your white? Here’s how to find the perfect shade for you…


The difference between warm whites and cool whites

It’s all about the undertones. You’d be surprised how much difference they can make. A slight undertone of blue can hugely impact the colour effect in your room.


Warm whites tend to have subtle undertones of pink, yellow or peach. This makes them great colours that work well with earthy tones and are great for rooms with textures. Warm whites can help create a cosy feel and make a room feel less ‘cold’. It’s also an easy way to soften up a room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light.


Monsta’s popular warm whites include… Beige White, Deep Cream, Warm White

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Cool whites feature undertones of blue, grey or beige. If you’re after a clean and minimalist look in your home, cool whites are the way to go. They can neutralise the harsh tones of sunlight and create a balance in the room.


Monsta’s popular cool whites include… Snowy White, Absolute White, Sharp White, Bright White

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The impact of light

Natural light can dramatically impact the colours on your wall. If your home gets a lot of sunlight, try opting for a cooler white with blue undertones. If your room needs brightening up, try adding a warm white to create a reflective surface for the light to bounce off.

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Try different sample of white paint in different areas of the room to get  a feel of how the colour may change at different times of the day. Paint a small section beside the window and then on the opposite side of the room to test for any shadows created throughout the day.


Test, test and test some more. Choosing the right white paint for your home shouldn’t be rushed. Get free sample cards, pick between 4-6 shades, order some sample pots, paint test spots in different sections of the room, and take a few days to analyse the colours.


If you need further advice on finding the right white for your home, let the Monsta Crew help. Call 1800 666 782 or email a photo of your room to