How To Colour Wash Walls 

How To Colour Wash Walls 

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Referred to as giving the Scandinavian effect, Colour Wash forms a washed effect to highlight surfaces the paint is applied to.

It's a simple way to update a wall colour but keep the texture. 

Colour Wash in Pink

What is Colour Wash?

Colour washes are different to traditional paints in that they don’t have a heavy and opaque base - they will lightly tint a surface without ridding you of the texture behind. Perfect for updating brick walls or timber surfaces. 

Instead of diluting paints, Monsta has created a Colour Wash range which is ready to use - no need to add water! 

Colour Wash in White

How Do You Use Colour Wash On Walls?

Prepare the walls for painting. Surface preparation is key here - you must remove all dirt, dust, stains, lumps and bumps otherwise you will not have the desired effect (every detail will still be visible!). You can’t use a primer or prep seal before using a colour wash as you will lose the surface texture.


  • Prep walls for painting by using a scrubbing brush, warm water and a scrubbing brush.
  • Use painter’s tape and drop sheets to protect the floor and adjoining walls
  • If applying to a brick wall, it’s recommended to use a paint brush. This may take a little longer to apply but you’ll have a more consistent finish. If you are using on plasterboard walls or timber, then a roller, paintbrush or sponge will all work, depending on your desired effect. See the video below for the different Colour Wash painting techniques you can try.
  • Depending on your desired effect, one or two coats of Colour Wash can be applied. One coat will give you a light wash effect, whereas a second or third coat can be applied for a more covered finish. 
  • 1Litre of paint covers up to 16m2 per coat.

Keep the texture of brick walls, or timber, but update to an on-trend colour with Monsta’s Colour Wash range. There are eight colours to choose from: 

  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Light Grey
  • Dark Grey

 Colour Wash colours

Check out the video below to see how The Style Curator updated an old boring brown brick wall with Monsta’s Colour Wash in Dark Grey. 



Colour Wash in Dark Grey



Restore an old, lifeless piece of furniture with Colour Wash and bring it into the new age. When ordinary paints and stains just won’t cut it, give furniture a new lease of life with Colour Wash - make sure the surface is clean and any other product (stain, paint) is sanded back, grab a paintbrush and get upcycling!


 Colour Wash Paint



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