How To Fix Wood Rot

How To Fix Wood Rot

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Do you have wood rot in your home and don't know the best way to tackle it? Wood rot is an issue that many Australian's face in their home, but these 4 steps will help you eliminate wood rot before it compromises your home.

1. Identify the wood rot

The first step to eliminating wood rot in your home, is identifying the issue. Although straight forward, not identifying wood rot and allowing it to continue will mean the rot can spread, potentially causing you structural damage depending on the location of the rot. 

2. Remove all the dead wood

Once you have identified the location of your wood rot it is extremely important to ensure all dead wood is removed.

3. Apply Monsta WoodFix to wood

Now that all the dead wood and wood rot is removed we can apply Monsta WoodFix to the open area of wood. This will not only eliminate the wood rot, but put strength back into the vulnerable areas. It will also prevent future rot and protect the wood from all timber insects. Two coats will be needed with a dry time of 2 hours before re-coat.

4. Bog the rotted wood

Once the wood has been cured with Monsta WoodFix, Monsta Patch It can be used to fill in the holes and missing timber. Once the Monsta Patch It has dried it as able to be screwed through, sanded, sawn into, glued onto, plugged through, hooked into, tiled over, covered with wall paper and painted over.

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