How To Future Proof Your Reno

How To Future Proof Your Reno

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Home renovations are on the rise, and with the costs of property continuing to grow, the option to renovate rather than buy a new house is becoming a lot more popular. Where there was once a time when having changes in your lifestyle meant potentially moving to another house or suburb. With the renovation industry having a massive worth in the billions and being the Go-To choice for many homeowners, the importance of making your new home future proof has never been bigger.

A key factor that needs to be considered when renovating is your current and future lifestyle. Take into considerations things like whether you plan to have children, and what plans do you have for there bedrooms and even things such as the size of the backyard for them to play in.
What you must also think about is things that you desperately want different. For example, do you think your bathroom is too small, or does your kitchen need to be expanded. These are all things you must think about when renovating, to ensure you are not having to renovate a second time.

The next point that needs to be made when future proofing your renovation is the technology that is used. Technology is only getting better each year that passes, which is why it is so important to choose the right pieces of technology when renovating. A great example of this is getting solar panels installed, not only are solar panels environmentally friendly which is something we love over at Monsta, but they can potentially save you a bucket load of cash on electricity. With many other eco-friendly and energy-efficient products to choose from, it is a great idea to use them to help save costs for yourself, as well as adding value to your home.

When designing a future proof renovation, something that must be thought about is ensuring the house will be able to withstand future trends. Trends will always change overtime, however, there are several elements of renovating that have stood the time. Colours that are used throughout the house are a great example of this. Colours such as white, black, grey and cream have always been considered trendy and held their value, making them a great option to use.

The last tip to help future-proof your house is choosing the right materials. Choosing durable materials are essential to future-proofing your home and will save lots of money in the long term, rather than having to spend more money on repairs.

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