How You Can Transform Different Objects In Your Home

How You Can Transform Different Objects In Your Home

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Monsta Colour Wash provides a soft whitewash effect over surfaces applied to. Unlike traditional, opaque paints, the Monsta Colour Wash Series is translucent. Monsta Colour Wash can be used on a range of surfaces, making it perfect for bringing new life into many different items around home, from the dog bed to the outside dinner table for the Summer. 

1. Dog Bed

Got an old dog bed that is becoming a bit of an eye sore around the house? Monsta Colour Wash is the perfect paint to bring life back into your dogs bed. We suggest a white wash finish, giving the new bed a clean and refreshing look.   

2. Cot

Re-designing your child's new room and not sure what to do with their cot? Using a blue or pink Colour Wash will help brighten up the room. Like all our products Monsta Colour Wash is eco-friendly and emits no harmful chemicals, which means your kids will be safe from all the nasties in the air.  

3. Outside table

Perfect for the summer time, updating your outside table with Monsta Colour Wash will give you the ultimate Summer vibes. Monsta Colour Wash paint is perfect for indoors, but works just as well outdoors with our Exterior Colour Wash paint. Unlike the Interior Colour Wash paint, the exterior grade protects against all weather conditions. 

The Monsta Colour Wash range is a very unique look that will no doubt bring life back into any home, with its fresh and clean look.