How To Prevent Mould In Your Laundry

How To Prevent Mould In Your Laundry

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Mold is a real issue in homes because it's not only a health hazard, but if you've got it at a high level, it's going to start to create some structural problems in your home and in that room. If you don't get to it, it will only get worst.

It can be a health hazard, but it can also be a real costly renovation one if you don't address it very, very quickly.

What can be behind the cause of mould? Well, obviously, a lot of times it's got to do with the ventilation in the room. Particularly when you're using appliances in those rooms, like washing machines and dryers. Other factors are what we store in those rooms and humidity and moisture.
You should also not discount the possibility that you have damage problems in that room. Not always to do with the actual appliances but what is behind those walls. Do you have anything else that could be driving that moisture into the wall? Could it be a bathroom or shower behind the wall that is leaking?

You need to be aware of all the different factors that could be creating the mould in your laundry. However, there are several things you will easily be able to check when trying to find what is causing the mould. These things are, the location of your appliances, is there good air circulation in your room, are the appliances hard up against the wall and do you have shelves that are stopping the air flow between the appliances? Checking these different things at the start may give you a quick solution to your problem.

One rule of thumb is you should be able to put a fist behind the appliances between the wall and that's enough space to ensure that you've got the ability to have air circulating behind those appliances. If you've got your washing machine or dryer hard up against the wall, you're driving moisture and condensation right into that wall. Which means it will absorb into the wall because most of those surfaces are absorbent and it just spreads, and you get that ugly mould appearance and mildew forming.

Secondly, after you've checked that. Look at the ventilation you've got in the room. Have you got fans? Are you using fans? If you haven't got fans, have you got ventilation windows? Rooms need to breathe. Just like we do.

If you don't allow good air circulation to those rooms, you're going to find that it's also creating mould. If you've got a door to a laundry sometimes, keep that door open and let that air flow through. If you've got no window and no ceiling fan, sometimes you just need to put a fan in that room and just give some fresh air and fresh air circulation in to prevent that mould forming.

This can be fixed; however, you must remember moisture creating and mould is really serious and must be attended to straight away. As of recent there have been several cases, where it has been believed that the mould has caused people to have respiratory issues and even things like eczema.

Therefore, you must ensure that laundries do not have mould issues, as people spend so much time in that room. Which also means it could become a potential hazard for you and your family.

It is also important to fix the issue straight away, because once it gets on those walls it will continue to spread, resulting in the value of your home decreasing, as well as many expenses in repairing the issue.

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