How To Renovate An Outdoor Bathroom

How To Renovate An Outdoor Bathroom

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If you're like us and you've been inspired by a beach over some holiday and you experienced that glorious feeling of having those showers outdoors, privately of course, surrounded by the garden and sunshine and thought I need one of these at home. Well, it is possible, but there's a couple questions you need to fire away at the experts before you go and jump into that outdoor bathroom renovation.

Firstly, do I have the space for an outdoor bathroom. Also, will it comply with certain regulations to have a bathroom outside. Will it compromise the home structure? Do I potentially have plumbing issues, or do I need to dig up a whole lot and add a whole lot of plumbing into this bathroom renovation or this bathroom creation outside. This is always important. This also helps you determine what the space and the layout will be. Can you have a shower? A shower and a bath? Shower, bath and a vanity? These are all the questions you will need to get answers to by a pro, before beginning your outdoor bathroom reno.  

Secondly, how can you protect this from the weather elements? Outdoor bathrooms are going to get a lot more moisture than an internal bathroom, so you need to take that into account. As well as things like grout, mould, florescence, algae, the effects of UV, cleaning, and the maintenance. Selection of the materials you're going to use for an outdoor bathroom, can and probably will likely be a lot different than what you're going to use for an internal bathroom, and depending on how that is designed. Those things need to be taken into account, and a professional should be able to guide you on ensuring you made the right decisions with those materials that you select.

What type of ongoing maintenance will this require? Give this all a thought guys because this is when people come unstuck. You need to select those raw materials, and understand what the maintenance will need to be on those materials. Do I need to keep sealing tiles once a year? What happens to the grouts? Will I actually need to clean the grout or re-grout? Do I have any risk of corrosion, and what can I do to protect against any corrosion, with the materials that I could have in that outdoor bathroom. These are all the things we need to take into effect because you've also got other things outside that will be there, not like you got inside, but other creepy crawlers that could be out there. I need to make sure you've got those materials that are low maintenance and can handle those conditions.

With the right preparation support, you can make that outdoor bathroom come to reality. The Monsta Go-To advice can give you that support and help where you need it. We've got professional designers, professional builders, bathroom renovators and tilers that have all been involved in that space before, and an experience with outdoor bathrooms. So, get on the Monsta Go-To, make that inquiry, put it through. We'll ensure that you're hooked up with the right professional to talk about your outdoor bathroom design, or even your concept. Helping you bring that to life so you can shower outdoors in private, in nature.