How To Save Big Dollars On Paint

How To Save Big Dollars On Paint

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When Monsta was created we had a few major goals that we set for ourselves and the rest of the market. One of these goals was creating high quality products and selling them for a fair price. Unlike some of the corporate fats cats we wanted our customers paying lower prices but getting the same quality.

Although we made several paint products that are at an extremely competitive price and are great quality, we brought in a service called ‘Monsta Match’.

Monsta Match allows you to choose any paint colour from any paint brand and we will create the exact same paint for you, but for a fair and cheaper price than the original.  

Same colour guaranteed - or your money back!


Our aim is to help you get the paint that you want for a fair price.

Because we're the manufacturer, we don't add any corporate fat. Monsta produces high quality paint and delivers it straight to your door! 

If you're overwhelmed by the huge selection of white paints out there, why not check out our Monsta Makeover range, featuring the top 20 whites around the country. Get your free colour card deck now!