How You Can Bring Different Spaces To Life

How You Can Bring Different Spaces To Life

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Do you have a room at work or at home that can use some bringing to life? The Monsta Magnetic and Write paint is perfect for many different occasions and spaces. Whether its to bring out your creative side at home or somewhere to write down your ideas at work, there are endless possibilities with this innovative paint kit.

Kids Room

Sick of the kids getting pencil stains on the walls or looking for a way to get them to express their creative side? Giving your kids a wall of creativity and freedom to express themselves, will provide your kids with endless amounts of fun.

Sports Clubs

Whether it’s organising the football team squad for game day or preparing your soccer teams tactics, Monsta Magnetic and Write is the perfect way to prepare for your big game and make sure you have a winning advantage.

Work Office

Searching for the next big idea that will help bring your job or business to the next level? Give your team the opportunity to bring that next big idea out in the open.


Whether it’s writing notes, learning math or allowing your students to bring their creative side to life, your school will have endless ideas on how they can use their magnetic white board.

Home Office

Give your home office the perfect feature wall and never forget those fantastic ideas that come to your head. Choose your perfect size and let your ideas run free and watch your productivity increase.  

No matter what the occasion or situation, Monsta Magnetic + Write paint can help bring your room to life.