How You Can Paint Like A Professional

How You Can Paint Like A Professional

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Planning a DIY paint job, but want the results of a professional? Here are somethings you can do to paint like a pro:

1. Tools

The first thing that can make a huge difference on your DIY paint job, are the tools you use. We suggest not choosing the cheapest option to save money, instead choosing better quality tools. This will help improve the overall finish of your job.

2. Drop Sheets

Paint jobs can become very messy, which is why we suggest laying down a drop sheet. This will help prevent paint splatter getting on your floor.

3. Clean Your Walls

Over time the walls in our home pick up dust and grease, which is why you should always wash the walls before painting on them. We suggest using sugar soap with water to remove the grime and grease from the walls.  

4. Work Your Way Down

Our final tip is painting from top to bottom. A common thing we see on many DIY jobs is paint drips on walls, from splatters of paint. If you choose to paint top to bottom you will often paint over these splatters, leaving the surface without any lumps and drips. 

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