Monsta Go-To Launches To Assist Renovators

Monsta Go-To Launches To Assist Renovators

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With Australian renovations on the rise, Monsta officially announces the immediate availability of a new renovation service, Monsta Go-To.




Monsta Go-To is an online destination to help customers throughout their renovation journey, making renovations easier to save money, help finish on time and with less stress and confusion. Monsta Go-To allows users to connect with a Monsta Pro, a renovation expert, for fast and simple professional guidance throughout any stage of their project. Monsta Go-To offers singular service options or a monthly subscription service.

Monsta Pro’s are a team of industry experts that are available to provide professional advice at any stage of a customer’s renovation or building project, from contract revision, building support, legal advice, interior design expertise and more. Monsta Pro’s are committed to guide, instruct, troubleshoot and help with other queries throughout all stages.


The service allows customers to book one-on-one Skype sessions with Monsta Pro’s, where valuable guidance and advice regarding the stages of renovation will be offered.

A recent survey by found that renovations are on the rise, with one in three homeowners having undertaken some work. The survey found that 34% of homeowners had renovated, equating to more than 3 million homes having had a makeover. As the cost of moving home increases, due to rising stamp duty and the current housing market conditions, more Australians are choosing to renovate their homes.


A survey by Monsta in 2017 found that over a third of Australians identify as a renovation rookie and feel that they lack confidence and the skill/ability to undertake a home renovation project. 61% of Australian homeowners would like to have an expert on-call to offer advice about a project, with almost half of those surveyed willing to pay for the service.


“I could write a book on the renovation horror stories I’ve heard first hand from people who have undertaken a building project and suffered the pain of not finishing on time, over budget and stressed. So, it’s time to introduce Monsta Go-To, the place you come when renovating or building so you can build like the Pro’s. Whether it is a forever home, renovation, extension, or investment project, Monsta Go-To removes the ‘grey areas’, offering professional expertise to help save dollars and stress. Product support, building guidance and expert know-how are delivered with our Monsta Pro’s to help you every step of the way,” said Phil Scardigno, Founder of Monsta.


For more information or a free consultation, call the Monsta Crew on 1800 666 782