Quick & Cheap Ways to Transform Your Bedroom

Quick & Cheap Ways to Transform Your Bedroom

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Is your bedroom lacking style and in need of a fresh makeover? Following these simple and cost effective ideas will help you breathe new life into your bedroom, without breaking the bank. 

Choose a new colour scheme

Giving your bedroom a fresh lick of paint is a cost effective and easy way to bring life into your bedroom. However, we suggest choosing a colour scheme that is timeless and will not force you to continuously repaint your room when making changes to different pieces of furniture or items in your bedroom. Neutral colours like our Monsta Light Grey White and Smokey White, give you the ability to change the decor in your room without having to change the colours of your walls. 

Start sorting

If you are looking to update the decor in your bedroom we suggest selling your old furniture. As the saying goes, one persons trash is another persons treasure. By selling your unwanted furniture and decor, you will be able to use the money towards the new decor. If you are not wanting to sell them, we suggest donating your unwanted furniture to charities like Salvos or St Vinnies.

Pick timeless pieces

When giving your bedroom a new makeover we suggest choosing timeless pieces. Buying into trends when choosing decor will cost you lots of money and will require you to constantly update your bedroom. 

Change the layout

Changing the layout of your bedroom is a quick and cost efficient way to transform your bedroom. By simply re-arranging your room, you can bring new life into your home.

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