Renovating On A Budget

Renovating On A Budget

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Renovating can be extremely pricey, but it doesn't have to be. If you are looking to renovate on a budget here are the 5 tips you should consider:

1. Shop around

The first tip that cannot be overlooked is shopping around. When searching for fixtures and fittings looking around for the best price or attending online auctions can save you hundreds of dollars. Although searching around will be much more time consuming, when renovating on a budget this is a huge factor to saving money.

2.  The 3 quotes rule

The second point that leads on from our first tip is shop around for trades. Our rule is get a minimum of 3 quotes before deciding who will be working on your home. Although we do not believe you should choose purely on price, this will be a great way to find a highly skilled trade person, for a price that fits within your budget. 

3. Try DIY

Although we suggest leaving certain aspects of renovating to the professionals, if you know your way around a paint brush or are capable of laying some tiles we suggest giving it a go.

4. Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

If you are looking to bring new life into your home, the kitchen and bathroom are a great focus point. Kitchen and bathroom renovations can be in-expensive and give you the opportunity to make many small improvements such as swapping out tap ware, re-tiling or re-painting the room. These two rooms will also add lots of financial value to your home if ever sold. 

5. Look for long-term savings

When renovating your home a great way to save money is choosing energy-efficient technology and materials. Although it may cost more short-term, in the long run you will save thousands.

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