The Important Details You Should Be Aware Of Before Signing A Contract

The Important Details You Should Be Aware Of Before Signing A Contract

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Our Legal Pro has given us a list of the main issues that all Owners should be aware of before signing a Residential Building Contract

1. Always obtain a fixed quote for the building cost that includes all material and equipment selections before signing the building contract, and include that amount as the contract price.

2. There should be no, or at least only minimal, “PC Sums” or “Provisional Sums” included for any work, materials or equipment.

3. The Building Contract should specify that the contract price includes all work necessary to build in accordance with the approved plans.

4. The Building Contract should provide for the builder to arrange access to neighbouring properties, and also to address any encroachment or fencing issues with the neighbours.

5. An engineering soil report must be obtained, and the footings designed and priced, before the Building Contract is signed.

6. There must be a specific start date for the building work, and a specific finish date.

7. Payment of the final three progress claims should be subject to certification by the Owners building inspector that the building works are complete to the specified percentage, and are free of defects and incomplete works.

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