The Whiting’s on the Wall!

The Whiting’s on the Wall!

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Yes, we can confirm that Monsta is a real business and a real Australian business making its products right here in Australia. Before you go thinking we’re some new kid on the block, let us put the record straight - we’ve been making products for the DIY/Building sector for 3 decades now, and while we’ve seen changes in the market we’ve also contributed by making changes in the national DIY/Home Improvement market. The only piece that is new for us is the ‘Monsta’.

So, what is Monsta? Monsta is a new way to buy DIY and we’re doing it different than it’s ever been done before. We make awesome products that are great quality aimed at servicing weekend warriors, DIYers, handymen/women and home renovators. Monsta enables you to buy direct from the manufacturer, and product is delivered to you anywhere in Australia saving you time and money.

So why Monsta? Why not Monsta is how we’d prefer to answer that one. In Australia DIYers pay high prices, really high prices because the DIY Big Cs (get the definition on that one from our founder’s Monstafy blog) add layers of costs to their way of doing business that ends up with the average punter paying more than they should in retail stores. Monsta doesn’t offer cheap products, our products are awesome quality but we ensure they are purchased at Fair Price as we remove all the layers of cost created by retailers saving the consumer cash. Australians buying DIY have been paying too much for too long, Monsta is now offering a real alternative.

Having serviced the DIY/Home Improvement market for the past few decades, we understand that selling something is one part of the equation but helping customers is the really important part. Not all DIY jobs are easy so we have our Monsta Crew ready and able to help before, during or after your project to give any support needed when using our products. With Monsta you don’t need to drive down to the store and hope to find someone that may know about the product you want. The Monsta Crew know the products because we make them, and help is available in many forms including phone and email or if you prefer we can help by Facebook or Skype where you can show the Monsta Crew your project and what help you need.

It’s time for Monsta to service Australian consumers that love their DIY and Home Improvement products, and so the Whiting’s on the Wall. We started with white paint, all the hundreds of different whites and shades of white paints you want, and we're extending our range to include protect and repair products.

We have our Monsta Makeover paint range for ceilings, interior and exterior walls that can be found on Monstashop. In case you are asking about the quality of our paint, well part of our lab team includes two industrial chemists who have been making paint for a long time and our paint quality is up there against any of the big brands out there, in fact, we believe once you’ve used ours you’ll know it’s better. Monsta is about awesome products with awesome quality and we guarantee it. Soon to follow will be the Monsta rainbow with paints in all colours - along with some other awesome products we know you’ll love.

Monsta is here and ready to show you the new way of buying DIY. We’ll be back with more soon but in the meantime check out to see what we’re about. We’ve Got Your Back! 

Chief Monsta Phil