What Interior Design Trends Are Devaluing Your Home?

What Interior Design Trends Are Devaluing Your Home?

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Interior trends come and go, and this is made ever more evident through platforms such as Instagram. All you have to do is search interior design on Instagram to see what the current trends are, but do these trends add value to your home?

According to Rated People’s recent study, there are 15 interior design trends that are not adding value to your home and putting many potential buyers off!

The current trends that are devaluing your home (percentage of buyers who would not buy your home):

Dark blue rooms – 52%

Dark grey rooms – 49%

No bath – 43%

Dark blue kitchen cupboard doors – 41%

Black shower taps – 35%

Painted floorboards – 35%

Dark grey window frames – 32%

Wooden double glazing – 31%

Original sash windows – 31%

Dark grey kitchen cupboard doors – 31%

Patterned floor tiles – 29%

Tiled floor in living spaces – 29%

Copper taps on kitchen sink – 28%

White metro tiles in bathroom with dark grouting – 28%

Open plan layout – 27%

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