What is Patch It?

What is Patch It?

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No longer live with fear of having holes in your wall or having to bog rotted timber. Monsta's Patch It is a safe, easy, odourless and non flammable patching compound. 

Patch It is the product for surfaces that need to be filled, patched and repaired, allowing interior, exterior and even immersed surfaces to be safely repaired on all types of DIY and Home reno projects. Patch It is easy to use and once dried can be screwed through, sanded, sawn into, glued onto, plugged through, hooked into, tiled over, covered with wall paper and painted over.

What else there is to know about Patch It:

  • It handles weather and constantly wet conditions, even under water
  • Bonds to a damp surface
  • Spreads easy with spatulas, trowels and putty knifes
  • Super strong when dried
  • Made to Monsta Awesome quality
  • Is the ideal partner with Monsta WoodFix timber preserver on rotted wood surfaces