What Makes Monsta Paints Different?

What Makes Monsta Paints Different?

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When creating the Monsta Makeover Range our main focus was making a paint for all DIYers that meets their wants and needs. After doing our research of other paints and paint brands in the market, we were able to find three key points that we believed could be done much better.

1. Fair Price

The first problem we found with other paints in the market, was the excessive amounts people were paying for top end and high quality paints. Unlike several corporate paint companies that will not be named, we don't include corporate costs that we like to call "Corporate Retailer's Fat". These added costs consist of Corporate Cost Layers, Brand Privilege Costs and Retailer Profit Layer. By excluding these costs from our paints we are able to sell all Makeover paints and products for a Fair Price. 


2. One Paint That Has It All

Another theme we often saw throughout different paint brands was creating several paints that had different properties and features. We decided to take the confusion out of buying paints and make a product that included all the different features these individual paints have. 

3. Online Delivery

Unlike other brands we made buying paint easy. You know longer need to make trips to your local paint store, instead we make it easy for you and allow you to buy all your paints online. Once your paints are ordered they are made to our Monsta Quality and sent to your doorstep (for free) in days. And if you have any problems with your order or product we always have our awesome Monsta Crew to help you every step of the way. 

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