What Not To Do When Styling Your Home

What Not To Do When Styling Your Home

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Home remodelling is something many Australians do each year. Whether it's to keep up with current trends or to breathe life into your home.

However, there are many things we may do that remodelling experts hate. 

- Short Curtains
Curtains are a great asset to a room, however, when short can be quite the eyesore. Curtains are meant to flow and be long, making them much more trendy.

- Small Rugs
One of the worst things to see when entering a home is a rug that does not fill up space. A rug should be an accessory that brings the room together. We suggest having your furniture surround the edges of the rug.

- Lighting
When it comes to lighting, we suggest having more than just overhead lighting.  Lamps and task lights are trendy accessories, that can also help when wanting to partially eliminate the glare from overhead lights.

- Artwork
Paintings and artwork are a great way to bring your walls to life and add character to your home. A tip we suggest when hanging up artwork, is keeping the art at eye level, to avoid it being to high. 

- Allow your personality to impact your home  
Your home is a place that represents and reflects who you are. Decorating your house with items that represent you is a great idea. 

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