Which White is Right?

Which White is Right?

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I remember years ago Kermit on the Muppets telling us it wasn’t easy being green. Geez, lucky the little bloke wasn’t white. Going by the number of white paint colours available to buy at paint shops, yep more than 20,000, he would’ve had a severe identity crisis with the confusion of which white is white.

When developing Monsta we sure did find lots of confusion out there when it came to selecting white paints, and for that matter colours in general. In a world where everyone is trying to save time, we found the DIYer burning hours, sometimes days, trying to select the white paint needed from the hundreds and hundreds of white tones offered in paint catalogues from the major brands.  From some very reliable sources within the paint industry, we found that more than 96% of paint sold in Australia are ‘whites’ and from this percentage 6% are the most common whites purchased. So, it was Monsta’s intention to put some simplicity back into buying paint.

We’ve started with white paint and we’re making this even easier with:

  • Our Monsta 20 – the most common 20 whites used by DIYers from pure white to deeper whites and popular shades within this range.

Or if you have a specific white in mind from another brand

  • The Monsta Match – we understand that not all jobs are new and some whites need to be matched from what has previously been used. Our paint lab can match over 40,000 colours from other brands. Playing the Monsta Match is really simple by going onto our Buy Paint page and all you need to do is type in the brand and name of the paint you want and we will Monsta Match it. Not to mention deliver to you at Fair Price–not retail price.

A whole new way to buy DIY has just started. If you want to see how buying paint has become simple get onto www.monstashop.com in the meantime if you forgot how confusing it is with the old way of buying paint, check this out:


Chief Monsta Phil