Who Is Monsta?

Who Is Monsta?

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Phil Scardigno, the man behind ‘Monsta’ had an entrepreneurial spirit in him since the very beginning. Back in 1990, when Phil joined his father’s business, to this date, he has been constantly working to take his legacy to new heights. With more than 30 years’ experience in manufacturing products for the commercial, residential and DIY building industry, lately, Phil sensed a need for new and innovative, environment friendly and well-priced products to be introduced in the market, that too via the most advanced and popular online resources.

 He says that, “The world of social media, internet and the consumer is wanting to access products when they want it and where they want it, convenience and quality is what people want and can demand in our day and I can only see this developing further and further, it really a great time to be alive”.

He saw this large void in the online world of DIY services as a pioneering opportunity and in January 2017 he launched a creation he had been working on called ‘Monsta’: a new way to buy DIY online.


Monsta is more than just a manufacturer and a supplier enterprise. We still follow the 30 year old policies of our founder’s business and create the highest quality building consumables used by DIY and Professional Traders locally and around the world. Technical excellence and professionalism are still the cornerstones of our company and we believe in continuing research, innovation and providing hands on support to both the retail and professional trade clients.

We strive to produce the most sustainable building products by using non-hazardous, environment friendly and wholesome materials. Our consumers vouch for our remarkable collection of specialised, high-end architectural paints and purpose-formulated coatings made for a comprehensive range of decorative, commercial and industrial applications.  We have nothing in common with the giant corporate retailers, and never will as our price, value and knowledge won’t be found in any other store.

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Phil says, “our idea is to deliver and end to end consumer experience with our primary objective of building better homes and renovations in Australia, make DIY products available at the most reasonable prices and processes of buying it really simple and accessible. Once you reach Monsta, all you have to do is select your product, buy it and then we will deliver it to you free of cost! We are there to help you through each and every stage of the job so that you can enjoy a wholesome shopping experience!"

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