Why Expert Advice Is So Important

Why Expert Advice Is So Important

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With the emergence of many DIYers sharing their renovation jobs on social media, it asks the question should we be getting expert advice first?

The simple answer is YES, however, not every aspect of a renovation needs expert advice. Although assistance may be handy, jobs such as painting, styling and outdoor work can be done by yourself to help cut costs. 

However, there are several jobs we suggest you leave to the professionals. Jobs such as waterproofing, plumbing and electrical should be left for the professionals. These types of jobs can be very complicated to learn and often require several years of training and apprenticeships to become qualified to carry out these jobs professionally. If you do decide to carry out these tasks by yourself, you carry the risks of many extra costs when things go wrong. For example a job such as waterproofing, if done wrong can cause you many problems not only at the start of your renovation journey, but later down the track when you house is finished. This will also result in many extra costs to get the professionals to fix up the mistakes made.    

Overall we do suggest getting assistance and talking to the professionals before attempting any tasks when renovating. Unless having experience in these different aspects, we suggest doing this to ensure you don't get any unwanted costs due to little mistakes that may have been easy to avoid.  

If you are thinking of renovating and need assistance from renovation professionals, book yourself a free ten minute consult NOW and get free advice from builders, painters and many other professionals.