Why You Don’t Need To Move Houses When Up-sizing

Why You Don’t Need To Move Houses When Up-sizing

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Whether it’s expanding the family or just not having enough room in your house, you do not need to move houses if you are wanting to up-size.  There are many different tips and hints that can be used to make your home feel much roomier.

Before doing anything, you must identify the reason why you want to up-size your home. Do you need a bigger kitchen or laundry? Once you have figured this out, you can work out a solution to this problem.

  1. Combine your rooms

Making your rooms multi-functional is a great way to create extra space in your home. It may be unnecessary to have separate rooms for your laundry or study and may make more sense to combine them with other rooms in your house. A great example of this are home study rooms. In a lot of houses this room rarely gets used and sometimes it may be a good idea to move the desk in another room, creating a lot of extra space.

  1. Add an extra bathroom

When up-sizing due to a growing family a great idea is to add an extra bathroom in your house. Not only will it give you more space for the rest of your family but will add extra value to your home.   

  1. Get rid of your clutter!

One thing that many family households struggle to do is get rid of unnecessary clutter. Just looking through your house now you would be able to find many different things that are either taking up space or storage that never get used and are not needed in your house anymore. Getting rid of this clutter will make your house feel a lot more spacious.

  1. Throw out the coffee table

A common piece of furniture in many households, the coffee table is outdated and something that takes up unnecessary space. Swapping out a coffee table for a side table not only does the same job but frees up a lot of space.

  1. Make use of your garage

Once you have uncluttered your house, there is no better time to convert your garage. A room that is usually full of unnecessary clutter and items can be used to much greater use. A great idea is turning the garage into a living room or extra bed room.

  1. Multi-purpose furniture

Much like the multi-functional rooms, multi-functional furniture also is great way to free up room in your home. Having sofa’s that can fold out into a bed or table that can be used as storage boxes, is great when freeing up extra space in the different rooms throughout your house.

When up-sizing your home do not think that moving is your only option. There are many different tips and hints that can be used helping you save money. To get more great tips and advice like this, check out our Go-To service allowing you to talk to renovation professionals.