Why You Should Never Water Down Paint

Why You Should Never Water Down Paint

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For a long time a common trend we saw from many DIYers is watering down opaque paints to get a white wash effect. The white wash effect also known as the Scandinavian effect gives the paint a translucent look. This allows the surface to show through the paint, giving you the white wash effect. However, getting this look through watering down paint is a big no, no. 

The biggest issue we find when watering down paints is, how the water effects the quality of the paint. Once water has been added to an opaque paint the adhesion, durability and colour consistency will all be effected. When you add water to high quality paints you are disrupting the elements that have specifically been added to create a high quality paint, which will result in the paint being of much less quality. 

This was the key factor that inspired us to make our Monsta Colour Wash range. We saw the growing popularity from home owners and DIYers wanting to get a white wash effect through their home. The Monsta Colour Wash range allows you to get a white wash effect without mixing water with your paint. This means you won't need to disrupt the elements of the paint, giving you a high a quality paint and the look you are wanting in your home. 

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