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Builder/Tradie Help!

30 min Skype on builder/tradie issues - what and where to next.

Monsta Crew

Houston, we have a problem! How do you choose the right Builder and Tradie.

It’s an all too common problem. You may have heard the stories of choosing the wrong builder or the story of “the tradie took my money and didn’t finish the job!” We know what you’re thinking - “this won’t happen to me’”. Do you really want to risk it? Monsta Go-To can give you a better understanding.

  • What questions to ask before getting quotes
  • What you need to know and clarify before appointing a tradie or builder
  • Actions needed to avoid issues and protect your project from not moving forward
  • Advice if your project is not going to plan

Need reno questions answered? Start with…

Builder and Tradie Help!

Your personal 1-to-1 chat time and Q&A with a Pro for any builder or tradie matter.

Skype video advice
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  • What to ask and know before getting quotes
  • What you need to check before appointing anyone
  • Action needed to avoid issues and protect you
  • Houston we have a problem! What needs to happen now
  • Anything specific or general relating to builders and tradies

Perfect for…

  • Renovators, owner builders appointing contractors
  • Anyone looking to sign up with a builder
  • When you need help with a builder/tradie issue – big or small

Builder/Tradie Help!

30 min Skype on builder/tradie issues - what and where to next.


A Builder and Tradie Help! session gives you…

Access to Reno and Building Experts
Get Reno Coaching and Technical Expertise
Advice and Support via Skype or Phone
  • A fast and simple way to get guidance and expertise at any stage of your project.
  • The power to budget and achieve the renovation you have planned.
  • Gives you confidence to ask the right questions to your builder/trades.
  • The ability to be creative with your design from an expert interior designer.
  • A professional to answer any renovating question you have.

Amelia and Michael “Pro Advice is a must

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