Monsta Makeover Interior Paint

Interior wall paint for every room, including the kitchen and bathroom.

We don’t treat our paints like a car purchase – "buy the standard model and then pay for the upgrades". Our interior paints come with the mould inhibitor, anti-bacterial and easy cleaning features as a standard. Everything your paint needs is included with the Monsta Makeover Interior Paint. One paint that comes with the lot…..except the pineapple.

The Monsta Makeover Interiors have these features:

  • ✓ Excellent hiding power
  • ✓ Low odour
  • ✓ Mould and fungi inhibitor
  • ✓ Anti-bacterial properties
  • ✓ FREE Metro-Delivery

Buy Interior Paint.

Monsta Makeover range has paint for any interior surface and ceiling. Choose matt, low­sheen or semi­gloss from the different 20 Awesome Whites or get our Ceiling White!

Fair-Priced from $33.00 for 1L.

Monsta Makeover
20 Whites

Monsta’s own white paint colours range for ceilings and walls, for your next makeover, renovation…or new job. We make the full range of interior, exterior and ceiling paints and offer it to you at Fair Price. Choose your matt, low-sheen or semi-gloss from 20 Awesome Whites plus Ceiling White!

Can’t see the colour you want? We can match any brand’s whites and neutrals and you still pay Fair Price – give Monsta Match a go.

Colour Chart – Colours on your screen may not be an accurate depiction of actual paint colour - it’s a screen thing we cannot control. We recommend selecting your Monsta White from your Colour Card Deck.

Demystifying Paint

How to choose the right paint...

What Next?

We can help you through the next steps and process of selecting colours and paint.

Get Free Colour Consulting.

Get free colour consulting and interior painting advice direct from Monsta, and since we’re the manufacturer we know paint and colours. Our Monsta Crew are the product experts and available for any help you need.

Contact the Monsta Crew:
1800 66 67 82 or Facebook Chat.

Free Colour Cards.

Free ‘white’ colour cards. Get your free Monsta Makeover 20 Whites Colour Deck delivered direct to you so you can start checking out which white is the white one for your project.

Buy Sample Pots.

Colour check with Sample Pots. Checking out colours and seeing them in your home is important. Not available for Ceiling or Prep Coat.

Of course… we have more than Interior Paint.

We make the paint and sell it at Fair Price, direct to you – delivered for FREE!

Exterior Paint

Monsta Makeover range has paint for any exterior surface to withstand the harshest climates. Choose matt, low­sheen or semi­gloss from the different 20 Awesome Whites.

Monsta Exterior Paint >

Ceiling Paint

Monsta Ceiling White is no ordinary ceiling paint. With great hiding power and excellent durability for all types of rooms, including bathrooms, it’s awesome for any space.

Monsta Ceiling Paint >

Colour Wash

Referred to as giving the Scandinavian effect, Monsta Colour Wash form a washed effect to highlight surfaces the paint is applied to. 8 exciting colours to select from.

Monsta Colour Wash Paint >

Monsta's Guarantee

Whenever you see this symbol, you’re covered by a 10 year guarantee. Monsta Quality is designed to last.

Our paint products are guaranteed for 10 years, and we’re so serious about our guarantee, if after 3,652 days (10 years including the 2 leap years) the product isn’t performing as intended we’ll replace the product free of charge or give your money back. You can read more in our Guarantee section.