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Monsta Magentic Paint

Are your letters, notes and plans always going missing? Not anymore… Stick them to the wall and never lose them again! Magnetic Paint is dark grey in colour and can be used alone as a feature wall, underneath Monsta Makeover paint or in conjunction with WriteWall paint to turn an area into a magnetic whiteboard.

  • Easy to apply and easy clean up/washability
  • Low odour
  • Solvent free
  • Excellent magnetic properties
  • Use in conjunction with Monsta Write Wall paint
Recoat - When dry
Roll On
Clean: Soapy water

How much do I need?

For application over Prep Seal or existing painted surfaces.

Work out the total square metres (m2) of area you need to paint. 1 litre of Magnetic Paint covers 3m2 on the first coat, and approx 1 litre covers 5m2 on the 2nd coat, therefore as two coats of magnetic paint is recommended, 1 litre will cover approx 2m2 in total. Simple calculator to work out the quantity needed - for every 2m2 of area you are creating your magnetic wall, allow for 1 litre of Monsta Magnetic paint! Remember if you have absorbent surfaces the coverage may be reduced.

How long will this take to dry?

Touch Dry Time
2 hours
Applying Write Wall
24 hours