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NAKED Textile & Fabric Sealer

For absorbent fabric surfaces such as textile furnishings, suede surfaces, canvas, shoes prone to staining; fabrics that are prone to water or liquid staining inside or outside the home. Nano sealer, meaning deep penetration into porous surfaces, creating a beading effect against water, liquids and oils.

  • Solvent free
  • Nano penetration - hydrophobic/ oleophobic properties
  • Does not change surface appearance
  • Outstanding water and weather resistance
  • Penetrating properties enhancing abrasion resistance
Re-spray - When dry
Spray On
Clean: Soapy water

How much do I need?

Monsta Naked Textile & Fabric Sealer is best applied using spray apparatus, either spray pack or airless spray methods. A liberal spray coat is to be applied. It can also be brush or roller applied.

  • Coverage is 1Lt per 10-12m2 and on extremely porous surfaces this may be reduced.
  • Coverage can be achieved in 1 coat, ensuring the total surface has been wetted with the sealer.
    After drying, all areas will bead water if correctly applied.

How long will this take to dry?

Touch Dry Time
6 - 8 hours
Walk-On or Sit-On Time
24 - 48 hours

Note: Drying conditions of 20°C on porous surfaces. In cooler conditions allow 12 hours drying for the Nano effect to take place.