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NAKED Timber & Concrete Sealer

For absorbent surfaces such as pavers, wood, paths, driveways, decks, fascias, pool surrounds and any absorbent surface that wants to keep the natural look without water or stain damage. Nano sealer, meaning deep penetration into porous surfaces, creating a beading effect against water, liquids and oils.

  • Solvent free, water based
  • Penetrating properties enhancing abrasion resistance.
  • Does not change surface appearance
  • Easy to apply
  • Outstanding water and weather resistance
Re-spray - When dry
Spray On
Clean: Soapy water

How much do I need?

Naked Timber & Concrete Sealer is best applied using the spray pack bottle or airless spray methods. A liberal spray coat is to be applied.

  • Coverage is 1Lt per 10-12m₂ and on extremely porous surfaces this may be reduced.
  • Coverage can be achieved in 1 coat, ensuring the total surface has been wetted with the sealer.
    After drying all areas will bead water if correctly applied.

How long will this take to dry?

Touch Dry Time
6 - 8 hours
Walk-On or Sit-On Time
24 - 48 hours

Note: Drying conditions of 20°C on porous surfaces. In cooler conditions allow 12 hours drying for the Nano effect to take place.