The Long Term Effects Of Wood Rot

The Long Term Effects Of Wood Rot

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Wood rot is an issue many households are dealt with and can be an easy fix, however, if left for too long can cause you serious problems in your home. 

Wet and dry wood rot is easily curable when using products like Monsta WoodFix, however, it is super important to identify this problem sooner rather than later. Not identifying wood rot early and leaving it unknown for a long period of time can cause your home serious structural problems.

One of the main issues with wood rot is it eats away at the wood, causing your homes stability a lot of issues. This is a very severe situation and does not occur often, however, if left for long periods is possible. In a worst case scenario situation houses can begin to cave in if left for too long and structural elements of the house can be destroyed.    

Leaving wood untreated will not only cost you structural damage, but potentially thousands of dollars in repair. We suggest looking out for signs of wood rot and getting on top of it during the early stages, keeping you and your home safe.

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