The Perfect Christmas Gift For All DIYers

The Perfect Christmas Gift For All DIYers

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Finding the perfect Christmas gift for your friends or family, can be one of the most stressful and frustrating tasks over the Christmas period. However, Monsta has a gift for every member of your family and friendship group. 

The DIY dad 

Is your dad the true DIY type? If so look no further then Monsta WoodFix and Patch It. WoodFix and Patch It are the ultimate DIY combo and a must have for all DIYers. WoodFix helps cure wood and Patch It helps fill any holes and bogs in your wood/timber.  

The kids

Struggling to find the perfect gift for you kids? Monsta Magnetic + Write paint gives you the opportunity to create your own sized magnetic whiteboard in any wall around your home. This gives your kids the ability to express their creativity and keeps them occupied over the holiday season. 

The clean freak friend

Do you have a friend or family member who is a bit of a clean freak? Monsta Naked Textile & Fabric Sealer is the perfect Christmas present. Naked sealer can be applied/sprayed on any textile or fabric surface and repels any liquids that come in contact with it. Making liquids bead upon contact. 

The weekend warrior

Have you got a friend or family member who is always beginning a new DIY project every weekend? Monsta Colour Wash is a translucent paint, that gives textured surfaces a translucent and Scandinavian effect. You can choose from eight bubbly and vibrant colours, perfect for all your Summer time vibes.  

If you want to find out anymore information about these products feel free to give our Monsta Crew a call on 1800 666 782, we're here to help!