The Six Things That Annoy Tradies the Most

The Six Things That Annoy Tradies the Most

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Renovating your home can be a very stressful process for yourself with all the different factors that you must look out for. Therefore, the one thing you do not want is tension between yourself and the tradies. Although at the time you may think you are doing nothing wrong, there are six things that drive tradies crazy, that you may need to consider.

  1. Mates Rates   

If you are fortunate enough to have friends who are in the trade industry that is great, but do not use that friendship to cut down on costs. This is their job and the income that they use to provide food and a roof for their family each night. If there is a problem with costs and you cannot justify paying the amount offered, do your research and find a price that best suits you.

  1. Last minute calls

Calling up a trades person last minute and expecting them to be at your house the next day is rarely going to happen. Instead of getting angry, think about these things in advance and give the tradie time to prepare. Tradies are often pre-booked and have other jobs that they are already expected to be at.

  1. You are not pleasant to be around or welcoming

If a tradie asks to use your toilet and come inside to eat their lunch, do not tell them no. Although they may be a little dirty, they are helping build your dream house or new renovation project.

  1. Expecting more than what you are paying for

If you are lucky enough to find that your renovation project is moving ahead of time, do not expect your tradie to do extra jobs free of charge. However, there is no problem with asking for an extra job to be done, but you must make sure that you negotiate a price for the extra work that you want done.

  1. Lack of communication

To have your renovation completed to the best quality possible ensure that you are communicating to the tradie what it is you want. Instead of being brief, be specific so the tradie knows exactly what they are doing.

  1. Late payments

The final thing that annoys tradies the most is late payments. If you are struggling with money and not communicating with the tradie, it can be very frustrating as they are not receiving any of their wages from the work they have done. Not only this, but if you are not happy with the end product, holding off on payments can cause an issue, which is why the communication piece is so important to ensure none of these problems occur at the end.

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