What is Write & Magnetic Paint?

What is Write & Magnetic Paint?

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"What is Write and Magnetic Paint?" you ask. It is your ability to create your own whiteboard anywhere, at home, in the office, in your sports club, kindergartens, your own little personal space. Where ever you think you might want to create a while board wall, you got it now.

You're not limited by buying a size that doesn't always fit your area, or you might want a bigger area. You can go from floor to ceiling width to width along walls, you can even do the whole home if you want. Those of you with kids that always got scribblers out there, now you can encourage it with whiteboard markers.

So for writing notes, your next big idea out in the open or writing that winning line up in that change room at half time. Getting those tactics out there, or just creating a fan wall, getting the message across to your team at work, whatever you like, this can be done, and it's so much more cost effective.

Now, the other thing that I need to explain to you, which is really important is the fact that you've got magnetic paint as well.

Now the magnetic paint comes in a couple sizes, a one and a four litre, and that is what you put on first. You roll that out on a wall and it gives you a dark grey colour, and that gives you the ability to stick any magnets you want on top of the Write Paint that you're going to be applying.

The two paints are simple to use and what makes this paint so unique and good is that it lets off no odours or hazardous chemicals, make it environmentally friendly. The whiteboard Write Paint also comes in two sizes. It comes in a kit form, a one litre kit and a four-litre kit if you've got a real big wall.

All you need to do is make sure that the wall is clean and even and level. If you need to apply a prep coat, then we've got our Prep Seal paint on our website, you can get through our Monsta shop. 

If this is something you are interested in order it through our Monsta Paint Shop and have it delivered to your door. And if you only want the magnetic paint or Write Paint, you have the option to buy them singular as well.