Monsta gets Naked with new Sealers

Monsta gets Naked with new Sealers

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Timber, Concrete and Textile are the principal components of your house and treating them with quality sealers are extremely important to keep your house pristine and clean. After all, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ – especially when it comes to taking care of your home since you have invested a major proportion of your time and money on it and nobody knows it better than you.

Wondering where to start from? Need a professional to guide you? Well, at Monsta Shop, we are here to help you out with all the DIY stuff you need! 

Recently, we have launched 2 products: Naked Textile and Fabric Sealer and Naked Timber and Concrete Sealer, the perfect sealants for your masonry surfaces. Our new sealer range uses the clever technology of Nano sealing particles to seal and protect masonry surfaces from water, chlorine, liquids and oils without changing the surface appearance. These sealers penetrate deep inside to create a long-lasting sealed surface that forces water, liquids and oils to bead on the treated areas, allowing easy cleanup.

The Naked Timber & Concrete Sealer is used for absorbent surfaces such as pavers, wood, paths, garages, driveways, decks and pools amongst others. It allows the surfaces to breathe and ensures that the liquids do not absorb into the surface, thus reducing the chances of freeze-thaw damage and slippery mildew formation which is why you can easily walk or drive over these sealed areas.

The Naked Textile & Fabric Sealer is used for fabrics that are prone to water or liquid staining such as textile furnishings, suede surfaces, canvas or cloth shoes prone to staining.

Our sealants are odourless and emit no dangerous fumes or chemicals. With this level of protection, they render your masonry cleaner and environment much liveable.

Monsta Naked on Textile

At Monsta, we are pacing into different directions. Currently, we are working on manufacturing building materials and selling them directly to our consumers.

Our new Colour Wash gives your interiors and exteriors a Scandinavian effect, thus highlighting all the areas where the paint is applied. From 8 exciting colours to select from, you can choose whatever suit your surroundings the most.

We have also launched masonry repair products like Patch It and WoodFix.

Monsta’s Patch It is used for repairing rotted timber, fixing holes in the walls and mending all kinds of damaged masonry. It can be easily mixed with water and does not require any secondary solvents. This magical product can be screwed or plugged through, sawn or hooked into, tiled or painted over and glued onto or covered with wallpaper.  

Monsta’s WoodFix is a natural and a revolutionary timber treatment that eliminates the possibility of a wet or dry rot. It protects the wooden surfaces from termites, borers, timber beetles and wood fungi and counters them like a rust converter thus reversing the rotting process and helping the damaged timber regain its strength.